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Our profile are Asian languages and Russian, Belarussian. Our translation Professional Azerbaijani Translation, Turkish, Russian & Asian languagesservices do professional Notary certified

professional translation from Azerbaijani

, from one of the oldest languages in the east,

professional Turkish translation service

, which is considered the base for Turkic languages, and

translations from Uzbek language

, the language spoken by the great Ulugbek and Al Khwarizmi, from whose name comes the word «algorithm»,
professional Russian translation (from)
translation from Turkmen language
, which is the most characteristic of the Central Asian Turkic languages. Translations from European languages, also texts from many translation languages of world are possible. Conversely, translation into Azerbaijani is possible, for You Turkish translation service, Russian translations (into), translation into European languages and other world languages.
When You need a competent, reliable and fast translation directly by the interpreter - then you are our client and we, EKTtranslate Professional Translation bureau, happy to provide you with the translation service.
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All types of translationsTranslation


and types, translation languages

We provide the following translations: Professional document translation, also text translation, and Notary passport translation, articles translation, correspondence, manuscripts, speechs, in short, text translation for any branch. Tecnical text translation of any subject.

Translation services - written translationWritten Translation

Professional interpreter
  • Documents technical translation;
  • Text translation;
  • Notary passport translation and private documents;
  • Any complexity text translation;
  • Technical translation of websites involves optimize the texts for indexing by search engines;
  • Articles translation, publications and other translation types.
  • Website translation.Website translationWritten translation include website translation.
We perform translation of documents as a
Notary certified translation
. Documents can assure customers their own or ask us to do it. But this an additional service. See more: =>Written Translation

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Translation services - interpretingInterpreting

Interpreting divided into sequential, Oral Translationssimultaneous and remote.
  • Sequential interpreting (speech-interpretation) is usual type of interpretation.
  • Simultaneous translation used in official meetings, conferences, symposium, and e.t.c.
  • Remote interpreting is done by any of the means of communication such as telephone, radio, intercom, computer, etc. See more: =>Interpreting

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Related Translation ServicesAdditional Handling

Notary certification * Apostille * Translations of marriage and registration * Education of Languages * Drafting of documents and text layout * Other

Order Translation ServicesThe procedure for receiving orders and payments

Applications for translation are accepted as for personal reference, or by e-mail. In the latter case, the work is accepted for advance payment of at least 30% of the order value. Cost of the work can be roughly calculated from our Price List. But it is strongly recommended for final settlement to contact us. Since the table gives the standard price, without discounts and possible changes. We adopt a flexible price system.

Translation Languages good translationsTranslation Languages

Professional Translation Azerbaijani language. We avoid literal sense and mindless translation; we try to convey not only the meaning but also senses, language features. Professional Turkish translation services. It combines ancient traditions and modern semantic power. Language often resembles oriental sweets. Translations from Turkmen language, the peculiar and distinctive modern Turkic language, from Asia languages, which primarily remembered Bukhara unique architectural monuments. Professional high quality Russian translation. Professional Russian translations (from, into), it does not need introduction. Inglish is one of the most common languages in the world. Naturally also possible professional translation into Azerbaijani, any industry and complexity, Turkish translation into, professional high-quality Russian translation, and not only. Reliability and quality of all translations is guaranteed, Russian translation services, quickly, efficiently, into European languages translations, so other world languages translations. We provide all translation services. You can see for yourself that we are doing a professional good translation in quality, we offer many translation languages!

Your attention. We do not accept to translate materials obtained illegally, as offending human dignity.