Turkish, Azerbaijani, Russian, Eastern languages


Interpreting divided into Azerbaijani, Turkish, Russian Interpretations

remote, sequential and synchronous

from / to any world language. Here we can distinguish the usual languages below: professional Azerbaijani interpretation service, of course professional Turkish interpretation service and professional Russian interpretation service, Eastern languages interpretation or interactive interpretation from / to these languages.
  • Remote Interpretation implies communicating parties to transfer any Remote Interpretationof the modern means of communication at a distance (by phone wired and wireless network, intercom, radio communication, by modern electronic communication means like Skype, ICQ, MSNM / WLM, YIM, AIM, Jabber, etc. through computers , IPad or other device)
  • Synchronous Interpretation
    Synchronous Interpretation carried out simultaneously with the speech the speaker.
    Synchronous Translation
    • Conference;
    • Workshops;
    • Events with a large number of participants.

    The work is usually carried out by two or more translators who succeed each other every 15 minutes. It is not excluded work with a narrow range of participants.

    Simultaneous interpretation requires special equipment.

  • Sequential Interpretation
    Sequential interpretation implies that the speaker makes a speech logical pauses, thus providing an opportunity to translate the above to the interpreter in a Professional Interpreterforeign language.
    • Negotiations, talks, meetings;
    • Exhibitions;
    • Presentations;
    • Celebrations;
    • Press conferences, council, consultation;
    • Briefings;
    • Workshops;
    • Tours;
    • Support of delegations;
    • Actions with a small participants’ number;
    • Interpretation in the presence of a notary, a lawyer, in any public or private entity.
The above interpretation in other words, interactive interpretation can also be attributed to this category. The interpretation languages are: professional Azerbaijani interpretation service, also professional Turkish interpretation service, as well professional Russian interpretation service.

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