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EKTtranslate Professional translation Services: Consultingabout how you should proceed to draw up a document before the interpretation stage. We will advise you on all matters relating to the translation of any material that interests you.We'll show You how how to prepare documents correctly...


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Where and EKTtranslate Professional translation Services: İnformationHow can You translate, notarization and legalization your documents? How do work the notaries? What is a document legalization process? When & what cases required an legalization? About documents received from other states...


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Written translation

Written translation of 1- page (1 800 characters & spaces) without VAT

Original language Price
(BR rubles)

(in BR rubles)

Azerbaijani, Turkish Belarusian, Russian 27.99
Belarusian, Russian Azerbaijani, Turkish 32.51
Uzbek, Turkmen, Kazakh, Kirghiz Belarusian, Russian 35.01
Belarusian, Russian Uzbek, Kazakh, Kirghiz, Turkmen 45.05
Popular European languages Popular European languages 13.02

Other languages According to agreement

1 hour of Interpretation

(from & into)
Translate type

(BR rubles)

Azerbaijani, Turkish Consecutive 45.05
Languages of Central Asia, European languages Simultaneos 300.03

Other languages According to agreement

The most objective system for characters counting in the text is a function of the "Statistics" of Microsoft Word text editor. Loves or not flowerIt allows, regardless of font size, line spacing, determine the number of text characters and, consequently, its volume. That's why when counting characters including in text of this function is used MS Word. For one standart page we assume one page of A4 format wich contains 20 lines of 90 characters. Thus, 1 page - this is 1800 characters translated text, including single spaces. Payments made at any bank on the basis of the bill for payment, legal entities - by their bank. The bill is issued after the assessment order. Orders placed by mail, including e-mail, require prepayment (advance payment) in the amount of not less than 40% of the order value. In other cases, the customer pays to the finished works.

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