We provide

Azerbaijani, Turkish Exact translations, professional interpretation

to / from Eastern and European languages Professional translation Eastern and European languages as well as a number of additional services and assistance in the

notarization and legalization

of papers.
We transfer texts for any industry, any of documents, written material, technical, medical, legal, financial documents, artistic, methodological and other literature, and provide any oral interpreting. We only work with professional translators. They all have the appropriate education and solid job experience, all translators have completed internships in the land whose language is an interpreter for the clients. An excellent experience of our employees provides excellent quality work. Our specialists have the subtleties of language and the standards adopted in one sphere or another, know the culture and characteristics of office work in various countries. We offer our customers the highest quality work. Even complex, original Safety and Security of trannslated documentd Guaranteeorders, we will do well. Our studio guarantees confidentiality and security of information obtained during the work for the customer. Each translator working with us signed a "Commitment to a non-disclosure of commercial secrets and personal." Your documents will not get to random people, our translators are not the first year cooperating with us and have proved ourselves as a professional, disciplined performers and decent people. Due to the high level of professional translators, The "EKT Translate" bureau provides its clients with the text translations of any complexity and subject matter accurately Tuition in Azerbaijani, Turkish, Russianin a timely manner. We have the best coaches, too! In a short time we will teach adults and children for the spoken dialogue at a proper level. Professional Translations, training, tutoring in the complex for you. Our regular customers include ministries, departments, investigative and judicial organs, public organizations, famous Belarusian and foreign companies.

Our partners and clients

Partnership Our regular clients are ministries, departments, judicial and investigative bodies , public organizations, well-known Belarusian also foreign companies, to which we provide translation and interpretations, escorts of receptions, negotiations and business meetings, including technical translation of documents, regardless of the complexity, and Translation of sites.

Chamber of Commerce of the Belarus Republic, also the leading translation agency as "Lantrading", "Cosmos", "Translateme", "Algol", "Stroinversgroup" and others. These company also carried out translations from Russian, Azerbaijani, Turkish, European languages (English, French, German, Italian ...) at all translations from the world languages. But translations of Azerbaijani, Turkish, Belarusian, languages of Central Asia - Eastern languages professional translations sespecially we perform for them.

Lawyers’ Association For them we perform interpretations and written translations (primarily from languages of russian, turkish, azerbaijani, European) for companies, organizations and individuals.

Many well-known firm with its diverse range of services with which you can see through us, businesses and community organizations. Modern means of translationWe may help to establish contacts with Belarusian firms by foreign firms and organizations, foreign organizations, companies or individuals to provide information about Belarus, its historical and geographical, ethnic and cultural features, can help the development of relations with foreign partners.

Тravel company "Solid" will help you organize tourist, business and private trips to foreign countries into the world of Eastern traditions and history of European interest, with the help of our specialists to improve their knowledge of language and culture of the country you are interested, to combine leisure and usefulness.

I would like to emphasize, that this site was created largely due to free lessons of Andrew Galyamov, (Ukraine, site: www.zvirec.com/avtor.php) Very Thanks! Website Creation, promotion and  translation

Hypermarket of consumer electronics ally.by Sales and repair of electronics, specializing in the sale and repair of mobile phones, laptops, tablets and other consumer electronics, as well as accessories to them , Which solves our questions on electronic security. And we, in turn, carry out the technical translation of the documentation, manuals, accompanying documentation.

We are also open for new partnership! Partnership and cooperation on translationsWe provide

translations with the Chamber of Commerce


translations for business, tourism, for any other industry

. Professional translations remove language barriers and ensure a successful cooperation.

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