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EKTtranslate Professional translation Services: Consultingabout how you should proceed to draw up a document before the interpretation stage. We will advise you on all matters relating to the translation of any material that interests you.We'll show You how how to prepare documents correctly...


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Where and EKTtranslate Professional translation Services: İnformationHow can You translate, notarization and legalization your documents? How do work the notaries? How to make the document legal? When you may need translation of foreign documents? About documents received from other states...


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Eastern languages professional translations: We co-operate with the following firms

Partnership In our work on interpretation and translation, including translation of technical documentation, translation of any complexity, website translation, Russian, Azerbaijani, Turkish, European and other languages, we cooperate on a reciprocal basis with various organizations and individuals.

Chamber of Commerce of the Belarus Republic, also the leading translation agency as "Lantrading", "Cosmos", "Translateme", "Algol", "Stroinversgroup" and others. These company also carried out translations from Russian, Azerbaijani, Turkish, European languages (English, French, German, Italian ...) at all translations from the world languages. But translations of Azerbaijani, Turkish, Belarusian, languages of Central Asia - Eastern languages professional translations sespecially we perform for them.

Lawyers’ Association For them we perform interpretations and written translations (primarily from languages of russian, azerbaijani, turkish, european) for companies, organizations and individuals.

Many well-known firm with its diverse range of services with which you can see through us, businesses and community organizations. We may help to establish contacts with Belarusian firms by foreign firms and organizations, foreign organizations, companies or individuals to provide information about Belarus, its historical and geographical, ethnic and cultural features, can help the development of relations with foreign partners.

Тravel company "Solid" will help you organize tourist, business and private trips to foreign countries into the world of Eastern traditions and history of European interest, with the help of our specialists to improve their knowledge of language and culture of the country you are interested, to combine leisure and usefulness.

I would like to emphasize, that this site was created largely due to free lessons of Andrew Galyamov, (Ukraine, site: Very Thanks! Website Creation, promotion and  translation

We are also open for new partnership! Russian, Azerbaijani, Turkish, European languages We provide

translations with the Chamber of Commerce


translations for business, tourism, for any other industry

. Professional translations remove language barriers and ensure a successful cooperation.

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