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Azerbaijani Turkish Russian translations
Azerbaijan. rich and beautiful nature - Azerbaijani Turkish Russian translations
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Information portal about Azerbaijan and Baku

Azerbaijan, with its splendor in front of You. The official name is Republic of Azerbaijan (or Azerbaijan Republic, AR), with capital city of Baku. Azerbaijan map - Azerbaijani Turkish Russian translationsAzerbaijani Turkish Russian translations - Azerbaijan flag Azerbaijani Turkish Russian translations - Azerbaijan ’s blazonOn the right You see the blazon and state flag. This flag has three horizontal stripes: blue, red and green colors. The blue color has meaning of Turkic origin of Azerbaijani nation, red color reflects the modernization of society and democracy, and the green color shows belonging to Islamic civilization. In the middle of the red stripe white crescent with eight pointed star. The eight-pointed star in the coat of arms - a kind of ornamental patterns, which received wide circulation in the AR architectural and jewelry. Lovely Baku city - Azerbaijani Turkish Russian translationsThe star is also depicted on the state flag of the Republic of Azerbaijan (Azerbaijan Republic).
The fire in the center of the blazon with the word "Allah" written in the old arabic alphabet.
If You Have been in Azerbaijan, so, you probably still have warm memories and a desire to attend this wonderful place again. If not, then you absolutely must see everything with your own eyes.
It is no accident this region in ancient times was called, and now, too - Land of Fire (or Azerbaijani Odlar Yurdu) - not only because of the rich deposits of oil, but also because of historical traditions. Ancestors of Azerbaijanis were fire worshipers, as evidenced by the many monuments, sources and manners. When visiting this country, primarily its capital city of Baku, Ateshgah Surakhany - Azerbaijani Turkish Russian translationsOil rigs - Azerbaijani Turkish Russian translationsyou can find plenty of evidence for this. One of the most ancient cities is Nakhchivan city, once called the "East Gate" (in Azerbaijani: Şərqin Qapısı). Because the famous Silk Road, which operated in the II century AD held here through this old town, giving him the another name "East Gate". Below you can see the magnificent monument of love - Mausoleum Momina Khatun qween, XI century AD Nakhchivan. The mausoleum many times tried to destroy. stalin's barbarians in general - with the help of a bulldozer. Luckily, he was stronger. Place cursor over it, read the story of love and loyalty, written on stone ornament Mausoleum Momina Khatun - Azerbaijani Turkish Russian translationsFamous Baku castle - Azerbaijani Turkish Russian translationsand colors. Enjoy the symphony of eternal love carved on the stone pages of architectural and artistic masterpieces, language unsurpassed East architecture. At the bottom of the page is an enlarged fragment of the decoration of the monument. 10 faces have similar structures ornaments. But no on facet does not repeat another. Like love pages ...
On this land every city has its glorious history, features, unique flavor. Fortress city of Shusha, the pride of the Land - Ganja, Zagatala, Cuba, Lankaran, Astara, Mingechaur cities are only few of them ...Shirvanshakh Palace - Azerbaijani Turkish Russian translationsMaiden Tower- Azerbaijani Turkish Russian translations Azerbaijani dances - Azerbaijani Turkish Russian translations
Here You can get in touch with the history of past centuries, admire the architectural monuments, visit comfortable resorts with sandy beaches, stroll through the flowering meadows, dive in the azure sea, climb to the top of the mountain slopes are covered with forests. Beautiful places of Azerbaijan - amazing country, which combines history and modernity, does not leave anyone indifferent!
Traveling to here, you will get acquainted with its sights, rare nature that surprises and delights, Batabat mountain and Batabat lake - Azerbaijani Turkish Russian translationswith smooth transitions from the high mountains to the plains, steppes and crossed fields. From sweltering heat can find yourself in a pleasant cool mountain air. On the northern slopes of some mountains even in summer does not melt snow, while in the plains heat rises above 40 ° C.
The resorts of Azerbaijan, well-known hospitals with unique methods of prevention and treatment, both respectable and inexpensive hotels, beautiful vacation spots, are inextricably linked with visiting the country, as well as oriental markets with unique national goods, where there is always a large selection of souvenirs for yourself and loved ones, taste national dishes, get to know people and customs. Azerbaijanis value Beautiful Azerbaijan mountains - Azerbaijani Turkish Russian translationsGoygol Lake - Azerbaijani Turkish Russian translationstrue and open friendship. How beautiful Azerbaijan is, how hospitable it is. It should be noted that wild tourism is not welcome here. It is more expedient to come to friends or as part of groups. You will be treated with the best dishes of Azerbaijani cuisine, you will be taken and shown the best places. They will treat you with nice fragrant tea. The average Baku family drinks over 3,000 liters of tea a year. It is impossible to visit a Baku resident and not try the unique Baku tea. This can be said about the whole of Azerbaijan.
Area of Azerbaijan : 86,600 square kilometers and a population is of 10 million people or more.
Official language: Azerbaijani, alphabet: Latin.
Religion: Islam.
Blue Mosque in Baku - Azerbaijani Turkish Russian translations Currency: Azerbaijani manat (AZM): 1 manat = 100 kapeak. The ratio of the local currency against the dollar: 1 AZM nearly is $0,60.
Telephone code: +994
Time: GMT + 4:00, summer time has already been canceled.
Foreign currency, traveler's checks are exchanged for the Azerbaijani Manat all banks.
In addition, the exchange can be made available everywhere in official exchange offices, but it is useful to save receipts of the exchange before leaving the country. Anyone who changes the currency from individuals at risk of becoming a victim of fraud and is responsible for the possible abuse.
Azerbaijan Grapes - Azerbaijani Turkish Russian translations Pomegranate is a symbol of Azerbaijan - Azerbaijani Turkish Russian translations Pay by credit card in hotels - a common phenomenon. However advised to figure out whether to take your bank card. In the most important business centers, large stores, subway stations are ATMs, with which you can get cash.
National Holidays
New Year January 1
International Women's Day March, 8th
Novruz Bayram March 20-21
Days of
Victory - May 9
Republic - May 28
National Salvation - June 15
National Army - June 26
State Independence - October 18
Constitution - November 12
Revival - November 17
Solidarity of Azerbaijanis of the World - December 31
Religious holidays
Ramazan Bayram (Muslim fasting) - the date determined by the lunar calendar
Kurban Bayram (Feast of Sacrifice) - 70 days after Ramazan
Fragment of ornament - Azerbaijani Turkish Russian translations Memorable Days
Commemoration Day for Freedom - January 20
Commemoration Day of Khojaly - February 26
Genocide of Azerbaijanis - March 31.

On the Internet there is a lot of interesting information about this beautifull land, where we do translations. We look forward to supporting You with any useful information. And of course, qualified Professional translations from Azerbaijani and European, Asian languages translations.