Translation • Passport translation, certification of documents
• Translation of documents and documentation
• Text translation
• Translation of personal documents
• Education, birth certificates, diplomas

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Interpretations • Sequential Interpretation
• Notary Interpretation
• Official and Business Interpretation
• Synchronous Interpretation
• Remote Interpretation

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Additional services • Notarized translation
• Apostille
• Website translation
• Translation of the marriage
• Learning languages

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EKTtranslate Professional translation Services: Consultingabout how you should proceed to draw up a document before the interpretation stage. We will advise you on all matters relating to the translation of any material that interests you.We'll show You how to prepare documents correctly...


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Where and EKTtranslate Professional translation Services: İnformationHow can You translate, notarization and legalization your documents? How do work the notaries? How to make the document legal? When you may need translation of foreign documents? About documents received from other states...


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Professional Azerbaijani, Turkish, Russian Translations

Asian, European Languages, English And Many Other

Our profile are Asian languages and Russian, Belarussian. Our translation services do professional Notary certified professional translation from Azerbaijani, from one of the oldest languages in the east, professional Turkish translation service, which is considered the base for Turkic languages, professional Russian translation (from) , translation from well-known Central Asian languages of Turkic origin, translation from world languages. Conversely, translation into Azerbaijani, and Turkish translation service, Russian translations (into), translation into European languages and other world languages are possible.
When You need a competent, reliable and fast translation directly by the interpreter - then you are our client and we, Professional Translation Bureau EKT translate, happy to provide you with the translation service.

Translation Types, Translation Languages

All Translation Types We provide translations of all types of documents into the main translation languages and additional translation services, if requested by the client. Professional notarized translation (certification) of documents, any articles, translation of letters, manuscripts, speeches, translation of text for any industry, notarized translation of a passport, translation of text of any complexity, certification of documents. Technical translation of the text of any subject. Certification of documents - an additional service provided for the convenience of customers. This is only an approximate list of our services. More v
>We provide

Azerbaijani, Turkish Exact translations, professional interpretation

to / from Eastern and European languages Professional translation Eastern and European languagesas well as a number of additional services and assistance in the notarization and legalization. We transfer texts for any industry, any of documents, written material, technical, medical, legal, financial documents, artistic, methodological and other literature, and provide any oral interpreting.

Level of training and information security

Safety and Security of trannslated documentd Guarantee We only work with professional translators. They all have the appropriate education and solid job experience, all translators have completed internships in the land whose language is an interpreter for the clients. An excellent experience of our employees provides excellent quality work. Our specialists have the subtleties of language and the standards adopted in one sphere or another, know the culture and characteristics of office work in various countries. Due to the high level of professional translators, The "EKT Translate" bureau provides its clients with the text translations of any complexity and subject matter accurately Tuition in Azerbaijani, Turkish, Russianin a timely manner. And the safety of any information received from the cliet is our law.

Language training and tutoring

. >We have the best teachers, too! In a short time we will teach adults and children for the spoken dialogue at a proper level. Professional Translations, training, tutoring in the complex for you. Hide^

Text Translations

  • Documents technical translation;
  • ext translation;
  • Notary passport translation and private documents;
  • Any complexity text translation;
  • Articles translation, publications and other translation types;
  • Website translation. Translations include translating a site into the languages of the world. Translation of the site is carried out on a turn-key basis, not only technical translation, but also optimization of the text of the site for indexing search engines. Layout is possible, as well as the creation of monolingual and multilingual sites.
>We perform translation of documents as a Notary certified translation. Documents can assure customers their own or ask us to do it. But this an additional service.

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Interpreting divided into sequential, simultaneous and remote.

  • Sequential interpreting (speech-interpretation) is usual type of interpretation.
  • Simultaneous translation used in official meetings, conferences, symposium, and e.t.c.
  • Remote interpreting is done by any of the means of communication such as telephone, radio, intercom, computer, etc. See more

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The procedure for receiving orders and payments

Requests for translation Acceptance of orders and paymentare accepted as for personal reference, or by post, e-mail, messengers viber and whatsapp. Bank datasX The Request must contain comprehensive information about the nature of the service, date, duration, as well as the place for interpretation. For written translations, material for translation is attached to the application. Remote requsts is accepted for advance payment of at least 40% of the order value. Cost of the work can be roughly calculated from our Prices and Discounts. But it is strongly recommended for final settlement to contact us. Since the table gives the standard price, without discounts and possible changes.

Payment for services. The bill is issued after the evaluation of the order. Orders placed remotely require an advance payment (prepayment) of at least 40% of the order value. In other cases, the customer pays for the services before receiving the finished work. Payment is made on the basis of an account by bank transfer at a bank branch. Payments by credit card are possible.

We adopt a flexible price system.

Languages of Translation

  • Professional Translation Azerbaijani language. We avoid literal sense and mindless translation; we try to convey not only the meaning but also senses, language features.
  • Professional Turkish translation services. It combines ancient traditions and modern semantic power. Language often resembles oriental sweets.
  • Professional high quality Russian translation. Professional Russian translations (from, into), it does not need introduction. Inglish is one of the most common languages in the world.
  • Naturally also possible professional translation into Azerbaijani, any industry and complexity, Turkish translation into, professional high-quality Russian translation, and not only. Reliability and quality of all translations is guaranteed, Russian translation services, quickly, efficiently, into European languages translations, so other world languages translations.
Translations into languages that are not listed in the section "Languages of Translation" are also possible. For example, translation from Uzbek, Turkmen, Kazakh and other languages.
We provide all translation services for documents and text. You can see for yourself that we are doing a professional good translation in quality, we offer many translation languages!