Translation • Passport translation, certification of documents
• Translation of documents and documentation
• Text translation
• Translation of personal documents
• Education, birth certificates, diplomas

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Interpretations • Sequential Interpretation
• Notary Interpretation
• Official and Business Interpretation
• Synchronous Interpretation
• Remote Interpretation

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Additional services • Notarized translation
• Apostille
• Website translation
• Translation of the marriage
• Learning languages

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EKTtranslate Professional translation Services: Consultingabout how you should proceed to draw up a document before the interpretation stage. We will advise you on all matters relating to the translation of any material that interests you.We'll show You how to prepare documents correctly...


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Where and EKTtranslate Professional translation Services: İnformationHow can You translate, notarization and legalization your documents? How do work the notaries? How to make the document legal? When you may need translation of foreign documents? About documents received from other states...


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Translation Prices and Discounts

are valid from 01.03.2024

Translation prices

Translation type
Measure unit Prices
(BYN, without VAT)
Into Azerbaijani, TurkishPage*46
Into Russian="=46
Into European languages="=35
Into unique languages**="=153

* - Standard page is 1800 characters with single spaces;
** - The price for unique languages is negotiable: it can differ significantly from the indicated one.

Interpretation prices

In the cityHour*46
Within the city duaring a dayDay306
Outside the cityDay**459

* - Minimum order is 2 hours;
** - Minimum order is 1 day.

The most objective system for characters counting in the text is a function of the "Statistics" of Microsoft Word text editor. Loves or not flowerIt allows, regardless of font size, line spacing, determine the number of text characters and, consequently, its volume. That's why when counting characters including in text of this function is used MS Word. For one standart page we assume one page of A4 format wich contains 20 lines of 90 characters. This is a standard page. Interpretations are valued in hours or days. Note that usually transfers are made the next day. The daily norm is set to no more than 4 simple documents (one-page) or four standard pages during a working day. A larger volume of work is performed undertaking indicated above daily allowance, with deduction of non-working days and other conditions. Urgent transfers, at the request of the client, can be performed on other conditions .
Payment for services made at any bank on the basis of the bill for payment. Most actual prices for translation services ask us.

We do discounts on translation services

Translation agencyDiscounts" EKT Translate " Provides its customers a flexible system of discounts. This is especially gratifying, considering that the basic prices are so low.

Discounts for regular customers is up to 20% Our clients belong to the category of regular customers already from the second appeal to us.

Discounts up to 50% are given to disabled people, veterans and low-income customers. These discounts apply only to the translation services for these groups in case of personal treatment or confirmation of the fact that the work is performed for them and does not apply to additional services (Prices for additional services are determined by those structures that provide them, taking into account overhead costs).

Discounts for translations

A multi-page job with a capacity up to 10 pages is given a discount up to 20%. For long-term interpretation, discounts are available by agreement.

Surcharges for urgent translations

Customers should be aware that urgency is an additional chargeable service. Work done in « today » urgent work is considered and 200% of the tariff cost is charged for it. For super-urgent work « right now » (within 2 hours) a triple rate is applied, if the amount of work required allows it to be performed in this mode. The scope is also determined by norms and the ability of the translator at the moment.