Translation • Passport translation, certification of documents
• Translation of documents and documentation
• Text translation
• Translation of personal documents
• Education, birth certificates, diplomas

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Interpretations • Sequential Interpretation
• Notary Interpretation
• Official and Business Interpretation
• Synchronous Interpretation
• Remote Interpretation

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Additional services • Notarized translation
• Apostille
• Website translation
• Translation of the marriage
• Learning languages

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Our Clients Can • Get a free translation advices

EKTtranslate Professional translation Services: Consultingabout how you should proceed to draw up a document before the interpretation stage. We will advise you on all matters relating to the translation of any material that interests you.We'll show You how to prepare documents correctly...


• Learn From Us

Where and EKTtranslate Professional translation Services: İnformationHow can You translate, notarization and legalization your documents? How do work the notaries? How to make the document legal? When you may need translation of foreign documents? About documents received from other states...


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Additional Translation Services

For customer convenience there is a full-service

translation, notary certification, apostille

. Thus the customer is several times faster preparation of the document for its use, if the document comes from a foreign country or intended for use in another country. There is also Language Training Service, Guide interpreter service and Legal Advice.
  • Notarization of the customer's request

    Do you need a notary certified translation? Notary certified translation Even if you do not know what it is you need to keep in mind: Translation with notarial certification is often required for foreign citizens to the various state institutions. For a fee, we could take some of your worries - notary certification of the translation, freeing you from the hassle and wasted time.
  • Apostille (legalization) at the request of our client

    We can also request the customer to legalize Legalization translation of foreign documentsa document designed for use in other country. Those have to legalize of translated documents for you. We can even offer you a range of services - translation, notary certification, apostille if required. Designed in such a way the document is complete and guaranteed to receive at any instance. Use the translation, notarization, legalize services and save time. We may also by client's wish legalize a document intended for foreign country use.
  • Language Training Service

    We will help organize the training of Belarusian and foreign Learning foreign languagescitizens and enterprises, organizations and firms the desired language: Belarusian, Russian and foreign languages ​​at the collective and individual courses;
    The first Azerbaijani language learning and teaching Turkish language.
    Sure best tutors - we have. In a short time will teach adults and children for the spoken dialogue at a proper level. Prepare business and individuals who travel abroad or preparing to take foreign partners, delegations or guests. The best tutors are ready to conduct training at a convenient time for you. Maybe even training at the orderer.
  • Legal Advice With Translation

    Translation services and legal adviceWe, in coordination with our partners from the college of lawyers, will help you in solving various legal issues, opening firms, advising on business matters, resolving disputes, drawing up documents, representing your interests before state and private structures on economic issues, in personal and legal disputes. Legal advice with translation is the best solution for foreign citizens doing business or performing real estate transactions.
  • Website development in any language

     Development of any sites, translation and promotion Creation and promotion of a site On favorable terms, based on a long-term contract. With translation into the languages ​​of the world or in any specified language.

    Creation of multilingual sites and promotion

    of them in the regions corresponding to the language. In this case, the semantic core of the site is compiled taking into account the selected region and language.

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